The website for the writer and musician L. P. Melling.

Forthcoming fiction:

“The Red Princess Who Was Hidden Underground” in the anthology Upon A Twice Time, June 2021.

“100 KIAs” in Dark Matter Magazine, Summer 2021.

“Written in Indelible Light” in Kaleidotrope, date to be confirmed. 

Two micro pieces in Constraint 280, microverses, date to be confirmed.


Published fiction:

“The Beastly Echoes of Necropedia” in Cosmic Horror Monthly, April 2021, and also available in audio for Patreon backers. 

“The Caretaker’s Confession” in Milk Candy Review, March 2021.

“Broken Mirror” in The Dread Machine, March 2021.

“Signs of Gods” in Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast, March 2021.

“The Sailor’s Salt, the Gaoler’s Rust” in Selene Quarterly Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2, December 2020.

“Exhibit E” in Little Blue Marble, December 2020, and also appearing in the annual anthology Little Blue Marble: Greener Futures.

“How Ulysses became the first intergalactic Bestseller” in Shoreline of Infinity, Issue 19, November 2020.

“The Story of Our Life in Seven Shades of Love” in Typehouse Literary Magazine, September 2020.

“The Weeds Grow Strong, their Wordroots Deep” in Frozen Wavelets, Issue #3, June 2020.

“Life on da Streetz (firmware obsolete)” in Strange Days anthology, Midnight Street Press, May 2020.

“The End of the Mind Wars” in Hybrid Fiction, March 2020.

“‘Victed” in the Best of Anthology The Future Looms 2019, March 2020.

“The Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics’ Charges” in Quantum Shorts, February 2020, which received an honourable mention (no longer available online).

“De-arrangement” in Bards and Sages Quarterly, January 2020.

Waldeinsamkeit in Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns anthology (TANSTAAFL press), January 2020.

“‘humanity’ found” in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (ASM), Issue #75, June 2019.

“O Fear and Fortuna” in Dark Moments (Black Hare Press), May 2019, free to read online and available in the Dark Moments, Year One anthology here.

“Signs of Gods” in Thrilling Words, July 2019, no longer available.

“Self-rejection” in Thrilling Words, July 2019, ditto.

“Luna’s First Eclipse” in DreamForge, Issue 2, June 2019.

“‘Victed” in Write Ahead/The Future Looms, Volume 1, January 2019, also in the Best of Anthology The Future Looms 2019, March 2020.

“Diagnostic Report” in Klaxon magazine, November 2018.

“Lost in a Sea of Memories, Found by Her Love” in ARTPOST magazine, June 2018 (no longer available).

“Three Two-Penny Pieces” in Crimson Streets, August 2017, also appearing in the anthology Crimson Streets 6, September 2019.

“Vacuous Space” in L0W L1F3, #3 The Political Issue, July 2017.

“Marrow’s Sweet Decay” in The Molotov Cocktail, March 2017, audio version published by Tales to Terrify here, #322, March 2018.

“The Hidden Chrysalis” in L’Éphémère Review, Issue 3, January 2017.

“Be Careful When You Wish For” in Sci Phi Journal, #8, November 2015.

“-Re-vision-” in Nebula Rift, October 2015 (no longer available).

“STUNTED RE-LIVE ELOOP” in Sci Phi Journal, #6, July 2015, also the winner of the University of Liverpool’s short story contest, 2013.


“Flora and the Cruel Machinery” in Star*Line, Volume 43, Issue 3, July 2020.

“They brought us the cure for H-loss” in Silver Blade, May 2019.

A haiku in Frozen Wavelets, Issue 5, December 2020.

“Across Space and Time, Love’s Light” in Utopia Science Fiction, Summer 2021.